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Jun 12 2013

Induction, Institute, and Collab, Oh My!

Day 3 of Institute is complete. I’ve been in Oklahoma for 2 weeks now. Induction was amazing. My TTL group was incredible and I bonded with those 6 girls and my leader so much quicker than I thought was possible. Luckily, 5 of the girls live on my floor so we’ll have each other to lean on during this experience.


What can I say about this experience so far…since I got here, people have said at sessions that TFA is like drinking from a fire hose. There is a lot of reflection, a lot of information and a lot of responsibility. Today, I feel like Atlas with the world on my shoulders and it’s sinking (this beautiful reflection stolen from a fellow corps member). The enormity of have the educations of my kids in my hands this summer is overwhelming and I feel so unprepared for Monday.

But as unprepared as I might be, I will show up for my kids on Monday and I will work 20 hour days, sleeping 4 hours a night if that’s what it takes to make the transformational change they deserve.

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