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Oct 06 2013

Hey October!

I’m one of those people. You know them — the people who start blogs, write a few times and then disappear forever. I’ve got the half written journals and abandoned sketchbooks to prove it.
Its three months later, Institute is just a memory (and like all memories, I just can’t remember how impossible it felt) and I am a teacher. A real teacher. A teacher with 26 students and a planner full of meetings and a solid 7 hours a night of sleep.
I wish Institute me could see me now.
Here’s the truth: Institute and the real world of teaching are distant cousins. They talk occasionally but really don’t have a lot in common. Institute is always high strung and does things the hard way and real world just wants to relax, you know?
Real world teaching doesn’t follow a lesson plan template or have to put together a classroom in two hours…

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Jul 03 2013

Missing home and things like that.

When I left to come to Institute, I knew a lot of things would happen. I knew (despite my greatest fears) that I would make friends. I knew (despite my greatest fears) that I would reach my summer school kids. I knew (because of my greatest fears) that I would find a place in Tulsa…

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Jun 26 2013


Tomorrow marks the halfway mark for Institute. I’m halfway finished with my summer, halfway done writing lesson plans, halfway done working with my collab, halfway done with getting 4 hours of sleep a night and eating dining hall food. I’m all the way sure I’ll more than halfway miss it. I heard someone lament once…

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Jun 22 2013

The things they don’t tell you…

Before I came to Institute, I read everything I could that would give me insight into the experience. I talked to every staff member and 2012 corps member I could find. They told me a lot of things: they told me it would be hard, that I wouldn’t sleep a lot. They told me the…

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Jun 12 2013

Induction, Institute, and Collab, Oh My!

Day 3 of Institute is complete. I’ve been in Oklahoma for 2 weeks now. Induction was amazing. My TTL group was incredible and I bonded with those 6 girls and my leader so much quicker than I thought was possible. Luckily, 5 of the girls live on my floor so we’ll have each other to…

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May 22 2013


I can’t believe I’m moving to Tulsa in a week. I never thought I’d move to Tulsa. Even though I’ll be living there all summer for Institute, not having an apartment until July makes me feel like I’m in limbo. I won’t live in Louisiana anymore, but I won’t really live in Tulsa until I…

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